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Wellness Increases Productivity in The WorkPlace

Asia Bright Minds Training & Consultancy (ABMTC) is a registered training provider with Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp),formerly known as Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). We specialize in providing extensive training and consultation services focused on enhancing mental wellbeing and other relevant self-improvement courses and consultancy services.

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Mental Health In The Workplace

The World Health Organization (WHO) conceptualizes mental health as a “state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. According to the WHO, more than half the world’s population are currently in work and 15% of working-age adults live with a mental disorder. 

Without effective support, mental disorders and other mental health conditions can affect a person’s confidence and identity at work, capacity to work productively, absences and the ease with which to retain or gain work. Twelve billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety alone. 

Furthermore, people living with severe mental health conditions are largely excluded from work despite this being important for recovery. Mental health conditions can also impact families, carers, colleagues, communities, and society at large.

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Mental Health At Workplace

Mental health issues can affect one in four people at some point in their lives and have a significant impact on employee wellbeing. They are a major cause of long-term absence from work. Employers should promote good mental health and provide support for employees who are experiencing mental health including anxiety or depression. Promoting and protecting mental health at work is a growing area of interest and can be supported through legislation and regulation, organizational strategies, manager training and interventions for workers.

Action For Mental Health at Work

Government, employers, the organizations which represent workers and employers, and other stakeholders responsible for workers’ health and safety can help to improve mental health at work through action to :

Action to address mental health at work should be done with the meaningful involvement of workers and their representatives, and persons with lived experience of mental health conditions.

Action For Mental Healths

Mental health training topics for the workforce

Benefits of Mentally Healthy Workplace

Increase productivity


Greater job satisfaction

Greater job satisfaction

Less employee’s absenteeism

Less employee’s absenteeism

Improved performance & productivity

Improved performance & productivity


Improve employee wellbeing

Improve employee wellbeing